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It got longer...

Behold the epic wordcounts... )
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It's honestly getting shorter.

Tadah~ )
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I swear, I'm not signing up for quite so many things this year. Just a few. Honest.

Promise... )
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This year's Yuletide marked a year of fest craziness during which I branched out into more genres, pairings and fandoms than I'd anticipated, wrote some extremely rare characters, and drove my poor beta to distraction with my shameless flakiness. I should probably write a list of all the things I did to put it in perspective, but since that requires effort, I'll save it for when I don't have an essay deadline in two days.

Instead, I'll write about this year's Yuletide. This will make a lot more sense if you've read the fic, which can be found here.

This year, I prepared. This year, I didn't stumble across a reference to Yuletide in a fit of depression while half-way through eating a bag of fried insects. I actually nominated fandoms this year, and while no one wrote for most of them, it meant that I was actually keeping track of things. There was a level of organisation which was unprecedented.

This meant that this year, I signed up for fandoms I was more comfortable with and didn't panic over what my assignment would be. I still, miraculously, ended up with Discworld again - Monstrous Regiment, to be exact, because the tagging was different this year. Cool beans, thought I, reading through my prompt. This is awesome. I can totally do this.

So far, so good. Right?

I re-familiarised myself with the book. I read it during the painful, hour-long lunch breaks my employer has only recently started to give, and it brightened my days. I read Carpe Jugulum as well, for further Disc-vampire mythology, and whaddaya know - it mentions Borogravian vampire lore. (Incidentally, I not only got egg wash all over both of these books, but discovered that I am the only person in my workplace to have read them.) I got started, in a fit of enthusiasm, on a 'five times' fic that involved underwired nightdresses.

Now, if you clicked the link above, you know fine well that that's not what I wrote. So. What happened?

As mentioned in last year's version of this post, I have an attention span of roughly the same length as a mayfly's life. I left the fic. I got distracted. I failed.

I flailed about over my degree for a (very necessary) bit, wrote about five (six?) other fics for other fests and deadlines, did all the hours at work, and then worked my way back around to Yuletide only to discover that what I'd started was not the fic that I wanted to write. It's...not terrible, but it wasn't something I could continue. The moment had left me, and in its wake was the cold, sinking feeling of having to start all over again.

So I did. My prompt asked for H/C and vulnerable!Mal, so I gave that as best as I could. I thought about Strappi and the possible psychological effects of slowly losing your mind while trying not to eat the buffet surrounding you; I thought about Polly and her tough-as-nails attitude. I dragged in some references to Borogravian gypsies from Carpe Jugulum, drank a lot of coffee, and wrote.

I ended up with Faith, and you know what? I'm pretty pleased with that.
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Because it's apparently impossible to entirely avoid Shakespeare while studying English literature, I'm writing an essay on him. More specifically, on the Sonnets and how the ho-yay is really obvious if you look for it. Then again, the same can be said for every literary trope/theory/convention ever. If you look for it: it will be there. It has, basically, nothing to do with my thesis aside from the use of Queer Theory, but it's turned out really interesting as most of my research has gone into Renaissance views on homosexuality.

This, combined with the start of a new round at SmallFandomFest, has made me want to try my hand at writing Pocahontas fic.

There's no hope for me, is there.
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It doesn't look like it's shrunk, but it has. Honest... )
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It's been beta'd and apparently, it's a lot better than I thought it was, which is awesome, because I kind of thought it sucked after that whole 4500+ words in a night thing that happened - not to mention the plot-changing geography issues.

But. My artist. My artist is wonderful. I've seen some drafts of what she's producing for me and they're glorious <3

Hopefully - fingers crossed - nothing falls through with this one like it did my last three big bangs.
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I had to drop out of two big bangs (Marvel & Team Free Will) just for sheer practicality's sake. I hated deciding to do that - it felt like selling out - but damn if it hasn't made life a little easier.

Here's what's left... )


Aug. 5th, 2014 11:27 am
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It's done. Okay, so I ended up writing the last 4500+ words up until 5am today (hooray for conveniently placed days off), but my SPNMpreg Big Bang is done.

And if I didn't love the pairing so much, I swear I wouldn't write it ever again just on principle.

There is just the task of finding a beta now, since my usual one doesn't like Supernatural, but comparatively that doesn't seem so bad. Then again, removing my teeth with a fork doesn't seem that bad in comparison either.

In the meantime, though, there's a prompt on the Hobbit Kink Meme that's caught my eye ~

Edit: Beta found. That...was frighteningly easy compared to the rest of it. Certainly not comparable with fork dentistry.


Jul. 24th, 2014 12:08 am
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That moment when geography kills a plotline.

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I don't usually rant about what I'm writing, but dear heaven this is like pulling teeth. Fair enough, I don't usually write a lot of Supernatural and the only MPreg I've ever written was a) crack, and b) terrible, so this is completely removed from basically everything I've done before. But. Still. Not the first time that's happened.



That said, I'm rather pleased that the muses settled for a rare pairing. So there's that?
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Oh dear, it's all catching up on me again... )
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Again with the finding it invaluable.

Still really long though... )
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Updating this solely because I find it invaluable. It seems to be both getting longer and shorter at the same time. Like, I cross one thing off and sign up for two more.

So here it is... )
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*stretches* Hobbit Big Bang can now be officially ticked off the list. It needs editing (like woooooooooah) but it's over the word count, at least, and complete.

Now it's a case of giving the rest of my to-do list the side eye and knuckling down to the HP Horror Fest that - while I at least have an idea of what to do for it - so far remains completely untouched. This is bad. (Deadline in five days, must be complete and edited by then, and oh look! Tonsillitis!) This whole fest thing I've got going at the moment is becoming a slight problem.

But yay! The Big Bang is all banged out! XD

And on a completely different note, I told people I was numerate on a job application today. I can barely count to ten when stressed... Yeah, I don't think I'll be getting that one, somehow.
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Ah, that wonderful moment when suddenly - bam! - you're halfway to completing a Big Bang and you finally know that it's all going to be okay.

Not that, with a 1st April deadline, I haven't left it to the last minute or anything... Me? Do that? Nooooooooooooo ~
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I'm...intensely disorganised and attracted to shiny things, and at the moment, that includes writing challenges and fests and suchlike. So this is me attempting to be all organised by listing everything and scaring myself in the process.

There is a scary amount of stuff on here that's not even started. Oooooh yikes.

I should definitely get started on some of these, like, yesterday... )
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 photo HelpAnimals_zps94757a79.jpg

It's a new year and that means there is a new chance to help animals in crisis! Come be a part of the second annual “Help Animals” fandom auction. This time all proceeds will benefit “Barrio Dogs” which ‘focuses on giving proper animal care in low income communities.' Just think of how many animals might be suffering in our tough economic times - going without life-saving vaccinations and surgeries because their owners cannot afford to pay their bills! If you’re passionate about animals and helping to make the world a better place, then please check out this community. Every single penny earned makes a world of difference to the animals helped through this service! THANK YOU.

Six days left before bidding begins! My fandoms on offer are Harry Potter, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and BBC Sherlock, and for a $3 donation I'll write fics up to 1000 words.
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My Painless'verse Thranduil got some serious hate from some reviewers. Which is, you know, fine. He appears harsh in Painless and...yeah, no. It's not fine. Not fine at all.

Hence the in your face explanation of his mental downspiral in King of Ashes. I will have my Thranduil vindicated. (I will not go off on a tangent that, had the prompt for child of Ruin and Hope specifically requested that he not die from the rape like Elves canonically would, then this whole thing would be a hell of a lot more tragic than it already is, and that Thranduil is amazingly strong in this 'verse for doing what he does, and that yes Legolas' childhood sucked, but so did the entirety of Thranduil's adult life and just stop hating him already, fandom, yeesh.)

And after this is done, I will go and write a fic which revels in my belief that actually - despite what fandom thinks - Thranduil is actually a good parent.

That is if I ever finish my Genderswap Big Bang fic. And university applications. And packing. And various other challenge fics as well as the eternal Harry Potter plot bunnies of death. And...this drink.

I hate Thranduil bashing. It'll be written. Cheers.
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Every so often I have this great desire to either flee the Harry Potter fandom or bog down and write the ever loving hell out of it. Especially the Blacks. They're all knotty and complicated and vicious and glorious, and Regulus especially is one of the most tragically underused characters in the history of absolute ever.

His motivations, people. An eighteen-year-old boy sacrificed his life trying to defeat the Dark Lord that he'd sworn to serve. Why is this not explored more?!

I have plot ideas. I have unbearably tragic ideas that may or may not find their way onto paper because of attention span reasons, and also because writing WIPs kill something in my soul.

I have ideas for Sirius as well, because he's another one of my favourites, despite the very weird characterisation he gets most of the time.

These ideas involve time travel and reincarnation and the Blacks redeeming themselves (sort of); they involve family and blood magic and domesticity and Dark Lords. They are epic!

...and because of that, I'm totally the wrong person to write them. I'll probably try to, but fair warning - nothing may come of it.

Also, my Genderswap Big Bang now wants to be Harry Potter fic.


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