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Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

On a general note, my squicks are non-con, abuse of any kind, and extreme angst (of the suicidal kind). I really, really can't read them so I'd appreciate it if you avoided them as much as possible. Apart from that, I'm very much an anything goes kind of person. I don't have any major kinks, but domestic fluff and character introspectives are my favourites.

I like most AUs. I'm not overly fond of gangster or band AUs, and I won't touch high school ones, but if you feel like you need to write an AU for one of these fandoms then go nuts. (Obviously, if the canon setting is in a school and you want to write that, then go for it!)

Please remember that all of the prompts that I've listed below are just suggestions. If you're inspired to write something that isn't listed, and that doesn't hit any of my squicks, then please feel absolutely free to do so. I'll probably adore the results whatever you do.

The Hobbit

I should point out that I'm not the biggest fan of movie!Thranduil. I love the scars. I love the dignified flamboyance. I absolutely detest most of the rest of his characterisation - especially his apparent disdain for Silvan Elves. So yeah, fair warning: book!Thranduil is preferred, although if you want to weave in aspects of movie!Thranduil then that's fine.

Thranduil/Legolas - I'd love to see something based on the differences in their relationship in public and private spaces and how their dynamic shifts and changes between the two. Something where they're both aware that what they're doing is wrong would be good, or at least where they both acknowledge the Elven (and presumably mortal) taboo on incest, but continue anyway. Something about the differences in their personalities would be great too.

Or maybe you could have the Fellowship chatting about the ones they've left at home and Legolas can't resist telling them about his wonderful older lover, blah blah blah...and someone figures it out.

Elrond/Legolas/Thranduil - I've never read this threesome before, so I'm really curious about how it would work. How do they get together? What are their relationship dynamics? Where do they live? Just...anything for this one, really.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Got to admit, I'm a bigger fan of Loki in Thor than any of his subsequent appearances. I like my Loki to be not completely off the deep-end. So anything set pre-MCU would be awesome, as would something that diverges from canon around the events of Thor. I'm also a pretty big fan of intersex!Loki if you want to go there.

I'd quite like to see something with young!Thor and Loki starting an affair and trying to keep it secret. Do they write each other letters? Do they go on 'quests' together only to spend a few days living anonymously in another realm, screwing each other senseless? How do they cope with secrecy when they're both possessive? Do they get found out? What are the consequences for Asgard of that affair going public? If you want to include other characters from the MCU and use their potential reactions then that would be great.

Harry Potter

I'm absolutely fascinated with the various iterations of pureblood culture that fandom has churned out, so feel absolutely free to include as much of that as humanly possible. I'm a big fan of reading about the varying political situations within the HP universe, so if that's also your thing, then go for it.

I'm incredibly easy for this fandom, which unfortunately means that I'll read anything. Anything at all. So please go absolutely nuts here and write whatever you want.

Thanks again for writing for me, Mystery Author!

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