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Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

On a general note, my squicks are non-con, abuse of any kind, and extreme angst (of the suicidal kind). I really, really can't read them so I'd appreciate it if you avoided them as much as possible. Apart from that, I'm very much an anything goes kind of person. I don't have any major kinks, but domestic fluff and character introspectives are my favourites. Fair warning: my shipping preferences tend to be a bit off the wall, but I'm entirely open to gen and buddy fic for all my fandoms.

I like most AUs. I'm not overly fond of gangster or band AUs, and I won't touch high school ones, but if you feel like you need to write an AU for one of these fandoms then go nuts. (Obviously, if the canon setting is in a school and you want to write that, then go for it!)

Please remember that all of the prompts that I've listed below are just suggestions. If you're inspired to write something that isn't listed, and that doesn't hit any of my squicks, then please feel absolutely free to do so. I'll probably adore the results whatever you do.

Requiem of the Rose King

Henry VI, Richard York, Catesby, Jeanne d'Arc

I would love, love, love a Henry/Richard fic with a happy ending, purely because these two give me all of the feels and they're never going to be happy in canon. So. Whether they decide to abandon everything to run away together or if Richard York Sr marries off raised-as-a-girl!Richard to King Henry as part of a peace deal, I don't mind. (Raised-as-a-girl!Richard would be really fun to explore.)

If you don't want to write something shippy, then a Richard & Catesby buddy fic, or something about Richard's relationship with Jeanne would be brilliant. I'd love to see her POV of the series. Is she purely vengeful? Or does she grow fond of Richard over time?

Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service

Karatsu Kuro, Sasayama Tooru, Makino Keiko, Yaichi

So this is entirely weird, but I ship Sasayama/Karatsu. I realise that this is completely weird, but I love their chemistry and I'd love to see that take a romantic turn somehow.

Other than that, I'd like to see Karatsu and Makino interacting with each other, because they never seem to really do so in the manga. Or maybe something about Makino's travels? I'd also really like to see something about Yaichi's relationship with Karatsu. Are they related somehow? Why did he choose Karatsu to haunt?

Cthulhu Mythos

Nyarlathotep, Randolph Carter, Cthulhu

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath is one of my favourite of Lovecraft's tales, and I'm just fascinated by Nyarlathotep. I also like the idea of Randolph Carter being fascinated with Nyarlathotep, and transferring his obsession with the dream city onto him instead. If you want to make that sexual, then OMG, that would be brilliant.

I tagged Cthulhu for this fandom because I'd also love to see some sort of interaction between him and Nyarlathotep (and Randolph? Another quest leading him to R'lyeh, perhaps?).


Royston, Hal

I'm really just after shameless fluff for these two. Shameless, shameless fluff. Ruin me.

Seriously, though, something to do with their domestic life; Hal's growing confidence in himself; Hal's responsibilities at the university and how Royston fits into his new life; something appropriately winter-themed...Any or all of the above, or whatever you desire.

The Mummy Series

Ardeth Bay, Jonathan Carnahan

I ship these two so hard, but as with all of the other fandoms on this list, gen is fine because the chemistry between these two is great. Something to do with the trials of a long-distance relationship/friendship would be great: things like surprise visits or using archaeological trips as an excuse to see each other; letters coming late or not at all; pining and finding comfort in unexpected places.


Liv Moore, Ravi Chakrabarti, Clive Babineaux, Major Lilywhite

I'm a ridiculous person with ridiculous shipping preferences and for that I apologise. I really ship Clive/Liv and Major/Ravi. I also fully embrace any and all gen fic about them so don't feel like you have to go romantic if you don't want to - buddy fic and case fic are both amazing, and it would be great to see Clive have a 'holy shit, zombies' moment <3 But, if you think that you can do romance for these guys, I'd love to see some gradual build-up as they go from friends/partners to lovers and how they negotiate that. (And if you do go for Ravi/Major, please make Liv supportive - I love her.)

So there's the letter. I'm so, so sorry it took me so long to post. Best of luck with the writing! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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