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Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

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So there's the letter. I'm so, so sorry it took me so long to post. Best of luck with the writing! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

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Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

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Thanks again for writing for me, Mystery Author!

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Suggestions for fic are always welcome
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The bingo card gods really want me to write about biting for some reason XD

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Soooooo I signed up for Season of Kink, and this time around, I want to make it a bit harder (pun intended). So I'm opening this up to my FLists on LJ and DW. Claim a square with a pairing (het, slash, or femslash) from any fandom, and I will write you a porny gift fic.

Each prompt can be claimed twice as long as the pairings are different, and you can ask for more than one fic, but I'm limiting that to four each. Okay? Okay. Go!

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Claimed pairings and prompts are below:

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Dear Mystery Author,

Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

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And tadah! That's the letter. Like I said before, these prompts are just suggestions and you don't have to follow them if you don't want to. I know that I'll love whatever you create.

Thank you again for writing for me. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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Actually looks like a pretty decent one. Hmmmmm

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Remember this?

My postgrad symposium was last Wednesday. It was a long and exhausting day, but everything went off without a hitch and we've had some really good feedback from our lecturers and supervisors.

My paper...went very well. Far better than expected, given my issues in regards to public speaking (read: crippling anxiety). The paper itself is something that my supervisor is encouraging me to publish once I reach PhD level - and that is incredible.


And none of this could have been achieved without you guys. Your responses to my interview questions, your signal boosts, and your words of support have all meant so much to me over the last couple of months. I couldn't have done any of this without you guys, so thank you. Thank you all so much for your help and support.

Thank you

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caught in a robbery

Filled: Adjustment
Fandom: False Memories (manga)
Prompts: family, depression
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I only have a couple of days for this, but what the hell...

scars nausea disappearing amnesia
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I'm writing (and presenting) a paper on fannish views on their representations within mainstream media. This includes representations from characters such as Becky Rosen from Supernatural and the Big Bang Theory guys, to newspaper articles.

To complete this paper, I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to discuss fandom and its place in their lives with me in a qualitative interview. Any and all participants will be kept entirely anonymous - they will be allocated a random number, and all RL names and online handles will be kept entirely confidential.

If you're interested, or want to find out more before committing to anything, please comment below with an email address. Comments are (of course) screened. Also, please pimp this out to anyone who you think might be interested in participating.

Due to ethical considerations and the UK's Data Protection Act (1998), all further information and interviews will come from my university email address, so keep an eye out for anything ending with northumbria.ac.uk

Thank you!


Dec. 12th, 2015 11:24 pm
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 I'm sending out Christmas/Winter Holiday of Choice (personally, I'm a Yule girl) cards in the next couple of days, and I was wondering if anyone on my Flists would like one. If so, please comment with your address, including country. Comments are screened! 



Nov. 24th, 2015 01:55 pm
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I finally have a day off!

So, one single movie and my Yuletide assignment? Or a Hobbit marathon and LotR SeSa?

I can't decide. Help me!
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One of the strangest things about embarking on this degree has been the fan studies aspect of it. Don't get me wrong, it was entirely my choice to include a chapter on fandom in my thesis. It's just...the hoop jumping? I had to fill out an ethics form and have it signed off by a committee in order to do something that I've already been doing on a daily(ish) basis for the last fourteen years - that is, talk to people on the internet.

It's all for a very good reason - one that I'm 100% behind - but that doesn't mean it's not surreal.

Also surreal is the ability to turn around and go 'oh hell no' to some of the books I have to read and then proceed to nitpick the fuck out of them.

I mean, a book of essays on Harry Potter crossed my To Read pile earlier this week. (I say that like I hadn't checked it out of the library weeks ago and then only just got round to reading it yesterday, which is what actually happened.) And yeah. My thesis isn't even on Harry Potter, but thanks to the sheer span of fandoms covered in transmedia and fandom studies, I kind of had to read it anyway. (At least it wasn't Star Trek. Again.) And I couldn't take it seriously. At all. I ripped it to shreds and then handed it back feeling vaguely guilty like I should be ashamed of myself for landing so hard on the fan side of aca/fandom.

I mean, there was this one essay that could have been fantastic - it was all about the medical side of the Potter series - had the author...read the books first? Just tiny details that didn't really detract from his point but that turned me into that person regardless.

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TL;DR: I'm still more of a fangirl than I am an academic and I waffle a lot.

(Crossposted to my LJ.)

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Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for signing up to Yuletide and taking the time to write something for me as part of it. I hope that you enjoy writing for me. I'm not that fussy, I promise, and I know that I'll adore reading what you come up with. The important part is that you enjoy creating whatever it is you create - and that some tiny fandoms get some great fic!

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You don't have to pay too much attention to my prompts/ideas. As long as you don't write any of my squicks then we're golden. Whatever it is that you do end up writing, Yuletide Author, I hope that you have an amazing time doing so.

Thank you!

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Dear Mystery Author,

Thank you so much for signing up for this fest and for creating a fanwork for me. I'm really looking forward to reading it. I can't wait! I'm sure I'll absolutely love it.

I don't have any big ideas for any of these fandoms or pairings, so it really is up to you what you write. Anything for any of these pairings is fantastic - they really do need more love! So instead of writing a list of prompts, I'm going to be very general. Tell you my likes and dislikes, and then leave it up to you. Be adventurous, MA!

Starting with the not-so-good stuff: my squicks are non-con, abuse of any kind, and extreme angst (of the suicidal kind). I really, really can't read them so I'd appreciate it if you avoided them as much as possible. Oh, and no A/B/O please.

I like most AUs. I'm not overly fond of gangster or band AUs, and I won't touch high school ones (and if you're writing for Harry Potter or Supernatural then please no non-magic!AUs/human!AUs), but other than that, go nuts!

Want to write time-travel? One of my favourite genres. Hurt-comfort? Yes please. Domestic fluff? Fabulous. Soul-bonding? All the yes.

I like dark!characters, politics, manipulation and power dynamics. I love age-disparity, smut, characters decorating and arguing about the colour of curtains with each other. Character introspectives are wonderful, and world-building is a thing of beauty. If there's something about your chosen fandom that you've always wanted to explore, then you can do that here if the characters work for you. If you want to write a fix-it fic or an everything-goes-to-hell fic, both are brilliant and I will seriously love you forever.

I prefer fics that explore getting together and pre-existing relationships to ones that have break-ups, and characters solving problems by working together and actually communicating with each other are the ones I tend to like the most. I like dark humour, sass and sarcasm, and strong characters that aren't afraid of getting what they want (even if they don't know quite what that is yet).

Thank you again, Mystery Author. I hope you enjoy writing for me, and that some part of my enthusiastic rambling resonates with you.

Much love,
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Some interesting squares again, but nothing that really jumps out. See what happens, I guess.
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Dear Mystery Author,

Thank you so much for signing up and for creating fic for this fest. I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with, and I'm sure that I'll absolutely love it.

On a general note, my squicks are non-con, abuse of any kind, and extreme angst (of the suicidal kind). I really, really can't read them so I'd appreciate it if you avoided them as much as possible. Apart from that, I'm very much an anything goes kind of person. I don't have any major kinks, but domestic fluff and character introspectives are my favourites.

I like most AUs. I'm not overly fond of gangster or band AUs, and I won't touch high school ones, but if you feel like you need to write an AU for one of these fandoms then go nuts. (Obviously, if the canon setting is in a school and you want to write that, then go for it!)

The Mummy

I'd love to see something set after the end of the first or second movies where Jonathan stays in Egypt, either to be with Ardeth or for other reasons. Something slow-build, maybe? That mentions the possible legal repurcussions, and Jonathan's illicit connections. Of course, magic, mummies, and excavations are all welcome.


I'd really, really like to see something that explores Ryou's character a bit more. I usually read fic that centres around Yami Bakura, so I'd rather he not get bashed in any way, but I'd also prefer that - if he is in your fic - he doesn't take centre-stage.

I want strong, sneaky, post-Memory World!Ryou. One that's not necessarily loud or outgoing, but quietly confident. Maybe he travels back to Egypt for a vacation or goes there to study; maybe he's hired by Kaiba Corp as a kind of 'security specialist' after having a thief in his head for so long, or as a game designer for a new RPG. Something that really brings out his strengths and attracts Malik/Mokuba to him like moths to fire.

Harry Potter

I'd like to request no non-magic!AUs for this one, but that's just about it.I love political fic. I love time travel and alternate realities (Voldemort wins or Voldemort dies before he reaches the Potters; Death Eater!Sirius/timetraveller!Harry) and explorations of wizarding traditions. Take these guys wherever you will. If you want to explore the wider universe, then feel free; if you want to write shameless pornography, well I like that too.

Secret relationships, social taboos...seriously, go nuts here. I'd especially like something set in the build up to the first war (with the exception of Ignotus/Harry) and the oppressive political situation - the maneuverings and the secret organisations and the guilt/suspicions.

For Ignotus/Harry, if you want to go there, I've got this headcanon where Ignotus lived around the time of the Black Death, and I'd love to see a fic set in that time. Something revolving around the creation of the Hallows maybe? Or the deaths of Ignotus' brothers. Creepy characters, Master of Death shenanigans, and necromancy would all be brilliant. Seriously, if you decide to write this pairing, make it a horror show.

Night at the Museum

I've only seen the first of these movies and that was a long time ago. I'm truly a lurker in this fandom, so if you do write in this fandom then please bear that in mind.

What I'd really like, is something that explores the cultural boundaries within these relationships. The limitations of where they can go/what they can do. Something with Larry and Ahkmenrah going out on Halloween, perhaps, because they can get away with it then? Octavius and Jedadiah's dates in various exhibits?

Like I said, I'd like something on limitations, but that doesn't mean there can't be fluff.

Ouran High School Host Club

I really like Ouran's more serious side. It's a fantastic, hilarious, mad-cap anime, but the way that it tackles more difficult themes is brilliant, and that's what I'd ike to see. Family politics, hidden relationships, alliances - you can go for during the series or afterwards in a University!AU/Young Adult!AU - but I'd really like something that explores how a relationship would change their lives.

Does Tamaki try and reboot the host club while at university? Does he go one step too far for his grandmother to take and end up working in a real host club? How does he get over his fear of Nekozawa? How does Kyouya balance a relationship with his worklife - and how does Kaoru tolerate it?

These are just some ideas. Really, Mystery Author, I will be immensely grateful for anything you write. I hope you enjoy writing for me and have fun with the fest.

Thank you so much,
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